Ant Pest Control

Store bought treatments not working?

Ants require very specialised treatments that So Pest Off can provide you with.

With multiple techniques and treatment options, we will work with your homes environment to ensure that we eliminate this issue for you.

With a combination of a general pest control & a targeted gel treatment to bait the ants, you are ensuring that live ants on the property will die, and those that return will eat the bait, and take it back to the queen to kill the colony.

An ant nest targeting system and treatment is also available with a treatment plan available to ensure the nest is destroyed.

Ant Pest Control Treatments

Targeted Ant Treatment – Starting at $400 plus GST

Targeted ant treatment is done in two stages involving external baiting at visit one and a full general pest control on visit two including all internal & external areas.

Step 1

Pest Inspection

Seeing ants in and around the home isn’t always a cause for concern. However if you are finding ants coming through in a trail from the window, cracks/crevices, from powerpoints or downlights, you want to act as quickly as possible.
Organising an inspection for treatments allows a technician to provide you the best and correct course of treatment. 

Step 2

Ant Treatments

If there is a small trail and there is no nest or underlying issue, the technician will proceed with a general pest control for surface ants. 
Where an infestation occurs or is suspected (and no ant nest is seen) your technician will perform a two step treatment – bait and remove, and then a general pest control. 
If an ant nest is present on the property our technician will usually flush the nest with a high grade termite treatment and then move to a bait and remove.

Step 3

Ant Baiting

Bait and remove is where bait the external perimeter of the home attracting ants to this.
You will find (depending on the severity) within 10 – 15 minutes the clear baits will be covered in ants as they come to pick up the bait, and return it to the nest where the Queen resides.
The main aim here is to kill the Queen thus killing the colony. Usually 4 – 6 days later we will come and perform a full general pest control removing any surface ants. 

Step 4

Regular Ant Inspections

It is highly recommend to perform an inspection and a follow up external only spray 3 months after the initial treatment.
While the nest may be destroyed ants act like termites where a few rogue may be around.
This will complete your treatment.
For prevention of ants your technician may also quote you for a termite barrier or a top of your existing station as their chemical make up reacts the same.

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Pest treatment for eliminating ants

Depending on individual needs ants may be treated as part of a general pest control or a specialized treatment. Pricing can be found here.