Cockroach Pest Control Service

Easily one of the most feared and hated insects, there are over 500 species of cockroaches, 5 of which are common household cockroaches.
So Pest Off will quickly help to eliminate this issue.

What Type Of Cockroach?

There are 2 main types of cockroaches that you could be dealing with.
The large dark brown cockroaches are the ones YOU do want!
These are also known as garden cockroaches, they eat plant matter and can be quickly dealt with, Our General Pest Control Treatment will kill them and the added bonus is our general pest treatment will also eliminate any other creepy crawlies lurking around.

These larger cockroaches can look menacing and they do give you a fright when they scurry across the floor. The good new is that these Cockroaches are quickly dealt with and will not take over your house and cause an infestation like German Cockroaches

German Cockroaches

German cockroaches are a whole different species and are treated very differently.
They are the smaller pale brown roaches that can go on and spread germs, bacteria & illnesses.
German Cockroaches must be treated correctly to completely break their prolific breeding and they are considered as a health hazard. See our German Cockroach Treatment plan here.
It involves several steps and it takes time to effectively stop the infestation.

When dealing with all pests, taking quick action is the key to stop the breeding cycle.
We are always fast to deliver effective, and affordable pest control solutions to both residential, strata and commercial properties.

In addition to residential pest control, we also deliver effective treatments for commercial properties and we work with many strata managers.
Our commercial pest control services are customised to maintain hygiene levels and protect the health of your employees, clients, and customers.
We offer environmentally safe chemical treatments approved under Pest Management Australian Standards.

If you’re tired of dealing with substandard and ineffective pest control services, look no further and get in touch with our friendly team today.

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Pest treatment for eliminating general household cockroaches

General household cockroaches are treated as part of our General Pest Control treatment service.  
German cockroaches  require a specialised treatment

General Pest Control Pricing

No confusing pricing or additional extras! Our general pest control treatment will kill all bugs present in your home and we do the inside and outside the home.
General Pest Control Pricing starts from $150 + GST for units/granny flats, and from $250 + GST for detached homes
Our pricing is based on the size of your property and any additional extras that can be discussed before we book in the service.

Specific pests such as: Termites, Ant Nests, German Cockroaches, Flea Infestations and Bed Bugs.
These pests require SPECIALISED treatments and on going baiting to stop the breeding cycle

Termites Bed Bugs German Cockroaches Flea Treatment Ant Treatment

What To Expect After A Cockroach Pest Treatment

Large cockroaches (Australian/American)
Cockroaches will be flushed out and will continue to be flushed out for up to 6 weeks post treatment. Increased activity may indicate an underlying issue which will require a second treatment.

You might notice cockroaches and other pests walking slowly, on their backs, or alive but not moving. Large cockroaches and other insects need to come across the insecticide for them to die, it isn’t controlled by scent, otherwise humans would be impacted also.

Pest control should be regarded as a controlling and regulating treatment. No pest can ever be eradicated permanently due to factors outside our control such as environmental factors, location and weather.

Six monthly pest controls will improve your results and keep pests at a manageable level

So Pest Off Pty Ltd provides warranty inline with chemical labels (12 weeks internal). So Pest Off Pty Ltd honors this internal warranty for all general pest controls. A warranty call out is provided at no charge to the customer where an infestation has re-occurred within the stated period from Australian/American cockroaches, webbing spiders and ants where a specialized ant treatment has been executed. A spot treatment is done in the impacted area only. Warranty is provided on all full-priced work after second treatment (unless stated otherwise). German cockroach treatments do not carry a warranty period as post treatment care and upkeep is required by the end user

How To Get The Most Effective Pest Control Results

External Pest Control – Post Treatment Guide

  • Spiderwebs are tempting to clean off, but to allow the solution to work its best we recommend to leave cobwebs for at least 10 days or until they naturally fade away
  • Post treatment you might have residue on your windows from the outside. Please leave this for as long as possible.
  • We spray window frames from the outside, and we recommend not cleaning these. If you have dust sitting on the window-sills lightly wipe it off with a dry paper towel.
  • Clothes lines and council bins can be hosed down 1 week post treatment. Please ensure you are wearing gloves and closed sole shoes when walk on these areas as they have been sprayed.
  • Having your lawn mowed down and any excess dry leaves cleaned will improve your results.

Internal Pest Control – Post Treatment Guide

  • We do not spray furniture or counter tops, but we will spray the skirting boards. Please allow five – seven days before mopping your floors.
  • If you have dust on your skirting boards and wish to clean this, please use the vacuum extension head or a dry paper towel.
  • Please note if you outsource your home cleaning it is important to delay floor mopping internally by at least one week to ensure that the invisible barrier applied is not impacted or organize cleaning prior to your pest control.

For pricing

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