Do I Need A Pest Control?

Clients are always asking us “Do I Need A Pest Control?”

There are a few factors to consider when deciding when to book your pest control, and we want to make it a simple choice with a few tick-box questions:

1. Has it been more than 6 months since your last pest control treatment?

2. Has it been more than 12 months since your last termite inspection?

3. Have you just moved in and want a thorough treatment before you enjoy your home?

4. Are you moving out and need an end of lease treatment?

5. Did you see a spider on the wall, spend all night looking for it, can’t find it and now want to run away?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of those questions, then the answer is yes – you need to book in for a pest service. 


What insects are treated?

A ​general pest treatment addresses the following insects:

1. Webbing spiders

2. Australian & American cockroaches

3. Fleas & Ticks

4. Surface Ants

5. Household flies/fruit flies


What is the warranty period?

It is common to see increased activity up to 14 days after the first treatment. Some household pests are easier to bring under control whereas others may require further treatment. Warranty periods start 5 weeks after the initial pest control treatment and are for infestations that occur after this time. Please note there is no external warranty due to factors outside of our control.

Cockroaches – you can never completely eliminate cockroaches entering a property permanently. This doesn’t mean the solution did not work – they will come into contact with the residual chemical and soon die. If 5 weeks after the pest control treatment there are multiple instances of live cockroaches internally please contact So Pest Off. Warranty periods are 3 months internally for infestations. An infestation is where 5-10+ live cockroaches are seen inside the home at any one time.

Spiders – webbing spiders are covered in your general pest control. You will still see webs formed after the treatment as we cannot stop spiders coming to the property. We strongly advise to not clean down any webs as the chemical residue is evident and the spider will die after returning to a web. Spiders are also triggered by environmental factors such as extreme heat and heavy rain. Warranty period for spiders is 3 months internally.

Ants – like all pests ants are irritated after an initial treatment and you will see increased activity for 3 – 4 weeks post treatment. While they are not covered by a general pest control warranty period, if they come into contact with the chemical they will die. For full ant treatments or infestations please contact us to organize a targeted treatment quote.

German Cockroaches – due to their breeding rates and cause of infestation there is no warranty provided. So Pest Off will provide the best treatment plan and course of action to eliminate German cockroaches from your property after a treatment.