German Cockroaches

What are German Cockroaches?

German cockroaches are hard to gain control over due to the unique biology of the female particularly as they stop feeding when carrying their ootheca. IGRs (insect growth regulators) are key to stop the spread. They are the most common breed of cockroaches world-wide.

Where are they found?


What do they look like?

All cockroaches have a similar appearance which may make it hard to identify the specific breed. There are some key markers:

  • Light brown/tan
  • Two dark stripes on their back
  • 2cm – 3cm long


How do I know if I have an infestation?

First sign of an infestation is finding ‘droppings’. This looks like small dark pepper-like substances. Specifically stains on walls may look like mould/spray back from food, but is faecal matter.

Another key is to track when you see cockroaches. German cockroaches are nocturnal meaning they come out at night. Key messaging is “where you see one there are more”. German cockroach life span is 3 months. Specifically they reproduce every 60 days despite eggs being hatched every 28 days which is why following strict instructions is key.


Where are German Cockroaches most found?

  • Unit blocks
  • Closely built townhouses
  • Restaurants
  • Take away containers/bags
  • Homes with low cleaning standards


How do you treat German Cockroaches?

General pest control & gel baits are key. This comes in the form of a syringe which is applied in small drops where activity is seen after that sticky traps are left. Treatment includes door hinges, behind fridges and dishwashers, in laundry rooms and bathrooms.