Possum Removal

Possum Removal So Pest Off

Have you seen or heard possums on your property? Possums need to be carefully removed from areas and released accordingly. It is illegal in Australia to kill a possum. Laws are in place to protect these species and removing a possum may hurt yourself. With different methods depending on severity of infestation, So Pest Off takes every possum removal job with a high level of care. Possums removed from roof voids need to be relocated within 150m from the home & near something they can climb immediately in order to survive.

Health Concerns

Possums while seemingly harmless, can bring havoc. Here are a few ways they do this:

  • Potential to transfer fleas and ticks to household pets.
  • Damage ductwork and installation in the roof.
  • Damage to roof tiles & architrave during entry.
  • Possum droppings can cause ulcers, skin conditions and mites.

Catch & Release

Possum removal is a slow game requiring patience. Our technician will be back onsite everyday until all the possums have been safely removed. Where there is a family of possums living in a roof void it may require multiple cages or one-way trap doors to be installed. Each day our technician will return on-site until possum removal is complete. After professional possum removal is complete there are some tips and tricks to ensure they don’t return. Some of these include:

  • Motion activated sprinklers
  • Motion activated lights
  • If you have a domestic pet, leaving their hair trimmings will deter the possum
  • Garlic in the roof cavity will deter them
  • Mothballs are another peeve of possums
  • Cover fruit & vegetables with chicken wire

Preventing Access

Possums hideout in tree hollows and due to a lack possums move into roofs through holes to make a home for themselves. Ensure to seal access points after possum removal. Our technicians will advise you on the best practice which includes sealing gaps, trimming branches, open vents and repairing roof tiles. Food is another source of attraction, especially where fruit and vegetables are growing in backyards. Cover compost bins securely to avoid entry.

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