What To Expect – Pest Control

When planning a general pest control treatment visit we are always asked “What to expect before & after a pest control?”. There are a few steps you need to take to help us and protect you and your loved ones. We will make sure to let you know of these before our visit, and provide you with a fact sheet for after treatment management.

Before Your Pest Treatment

1. Move all kids toys to a higher location; especially outdoors – don’t forget your fur baby items as well

2. Pack away all open foods and drinks in a safe location (fridge or cupboards)

3. Move your furniture away from the edges of the wall

4. Allow clear access to the side of the property, under house access & roof access

5. Vacuum and mop the day before as you will not be able to directly after treatment

6. Plan you day; you will need to be out of the property until the solution is completely dried for your safety, including pets. We can lock up behind ourselves and send you an automated message once we are done

After Your Pest Control

1. Any foods/drinks that were left out will need to be thrown

2. Avoid the urge to do a deep clean for at least 3 weeks as the solution needs time to work; this doesn’t mean you cannot vacuum or mop, but avoid cleaning the skirting boards and only mop up to 6 inches away from the edge of the wall

3. Pests do not disappear immediately after treatment – allowing time for the solution to work is key. You will see a decrease in the amount of visible pests in the days and weeks coming. Do not clean down spider webs that are around the property, as spiders that come to the web will take the chemical with them and die later.

4. Once the solution has dried it is safe for you and your family/pets to return.