Termite Reticulation System

Termite reticulation systems are installed in new homes and in extension and renovation projects. It is a series of pipes positioned around the home underground. The purpose is to ensure the home is protected against termites. Reticulation systems require top-ups of chemicals every three to eight years depending on chemical used.

Top ups of piping systems are managed through termiticide going in at a certain pressure to disperses and form a termite treated zone. Homes in newly developed areas such as Quakers Hill, Stanhope Gardens, The Ponds, Kellyville Ridge and Parklea will usually have a reticulation system in place.

There are various reasons which cause a termite reticulation system to be ineffective. One of them is topping up the system with a budget friendly termite repellant. This may cause the pests to just go around the barrier and not through it. The best protection for homes in and around Kellyville Ridge is a non-repellant termite chemical such as Termidor.

Termite inspections are recommended annually to ensure the system is still intact and working as it should. At the time of the termite inspection the reticulation system will be checked and signed off with documentation kept in your switchboard for easy access. Click here to book your termite inspection and reticulation top up today.