General Pest Control

 What is a General pest control and do I need one?

A general pest control is key to reduce or eliminate insects and bugs. It is recommended to treat the home/commercial spaces every 6 – 12 months, as the chemical is most effective in the first 12 – 16 weeks. Costing can be found on our pricing pages.

There are external factors which can impact the longevity of a general pest control, including:

  1. Extreme heat
  2. Heavy rain & flooding
  3. Fires
  4. Disturbance of the treated areas (renovations)


Is a general pest control safe?

Generally speaking, you do not need to prepare the home for a pest treatment, however we recommend to try and clear any loose items restricting access to the skirting boards.

Chemicals used are AEPMA approved and to Australian standards, meaning they are not harmful to humans. We always recommend taking extra precautions and recommend you leave the property with any young children and pets for at least an hour post treatment to allow the chemical adequate time to dry.

However, it is recommend to not clean directly after the pest control treatment and to allow 7 – 14 days before mopping inside. Furthermore we ask you leave the chemical on the external of the home and window frames for as long as possible. External window cleaning is permitted after 24 hours of application. Afterwards, please do not hose down the windows as you will wash away the chemical – using a squeegee or paper towels with Windex is perfectly fine.


How is a the treatment applied?

All general pest controls are performed by our technicians at So Pest Off doing an initial assessment of the property and treating the problems identified.

A mixture of oil based, water based and gel based chemicals are used during treatments. Treated areas include:

  • Internal Spaces (skirting boards, hinges in cupboards for German Cockroaches)
  • Roof voids
  • External property perimeter
  • External door and window frames
  • Under eaves of the first storey
  • Garage/shed/kids cubby & play areas

The insecticide used has the highest impact on the following:

  1. Webbing Spiders
  2. Black Surface Ants
  3. Australian & American Cockroaches
  4. Silverfish
  5. European Wasps
  6. Household Flies
  7. Fleas/Ticks


Is there any warranty?

Warranty on general pest controls have varying factors and is available for 6 months on any infestation which is seen after 4 weeks of initial treatment. Although, spiders do not carry any warranty as they are driven by external factors, and they are needed to walk on the chemical, take it back to their nest/web for it to impact them.